This is My November

I’ve been arguing with Melville over the last few days. I dislike his allegations against November.

He calls November damp and drizzly. It rained here yesterday, so I suppose it is, a little. But my November is warmth and vibrancy: deep brown and golds on the ground, pugnacious orange and red hanging off the trees and rumbling in the fireplace. And if it is the month when everything is falling and storming, it’s still the month when things are also flying and laughing, made of breezes that like to kick things up.

He says that November can invade the soul, and he will start to feel grim about the mouth. I just keep smiling.

He says when it invades, he finds himself involuntarily pausing in front of coffin houses and falling in behind every funeral procession he meets. He says it takes a strong moral principle to keep from going out into the street and beginning to methodically knock people’s hats off their heads.

Mr. Melville, I have a hard time not knocking people’s hats off in November, too. It just seems like such good sport.

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For Love and Sass

My favorite author, Patrick Rothfuss recently came out with a new book on October 28th.

When he announced it, I ran around for a few hours feeling like my heart was pumping helium around my body. That is to say that I was lighter than air, walked too fast and barely felt as if I was walking on my feet, and my voice was three octaves too high as I told every one I knew. I did not feel any of the strange, adverse, and horrible effects of my veins being filled with a gas instead of a liquid.

I read his first two books (The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear, the beginning and middle chapters of The Kingkiller Chronicles) just after I graduated from college. After months of sweating through an Honors Thesis and reading the sort of thick things that get assigned to senior English majors, I took a sweet run inside his world. I also happened to be vacationing in southern California at the time, but I might as well have been in Antarctica for all that I noticed the beautiful weather.

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