Legal Theft Flash Fiction: Armed and Armored (422 words)

“You won’t be leaving this town alive.”

Finishing her next step, Jennika came to a slow stop, and made an even slower turn back to look down at the man. As far as threats went, it wasn’t very articulate. It wasn’t at all clever, cutting, or funny. And it sounded especially unreliable. It was difficult to be impressed.

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Winter is Upon Us (Inside These Walls, We Will Outlast It): Alphabet Instructions

Absolutely do not look up the temperature in Australia, California, Florida, Cabo, or any other place that is currently getting more sun than you. It will do nothing but make you colder, and any action not spent in pursuit of warmth is unprofitable today.
 photo Docdontwannaknowsoyoudontwannaknow_zpsb4831ce6.gif

Bundle up. See your closet, brimming with options of warm, comfortable, homey clothes? It lies. There are no options. Wear them all.
 photo sankaisohsocold_zps947cb960.gif

Conserve supplies. You don’t know when the next storm will hit, blocking off the supply roads. Keep your emergency stash of toilet paper, matches, and chocolate chip muffins well-stocked.
 photo Tomrecievedinstructionsforlife_zpsc5e4acc1.gif

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Flash Fiction: Sharp (915 words)

Babes had one use: looking out at the world, round-faced and round-eyed, lost.

Before seven, they didn’t know the timing of a lie, couldn’t spot a good target, and didn’t even have the speed to cut and run when they needed to. The most they could do was trail behind someone else, hand in hand, or holding tight to the back of their shirt as if they were walking in the dark and without that link they’d be walking blind. The most they could offer was a silent plea for a little light behind the other’s spoken petition for coin: “Please, marm…” Some people heard the silence better than they heard the words, dropped two bright coins where they would have dropped one.

But she couldn’t even manage that silence.

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