Legal Theft Flash Fiction: Black Sun (1697 words)

They gave her a suite of rooms, all her own, large, elegantly furnished, and with a guard stationed outside the door. She did not own the guard. She did not pay him or command him, but if she held his eye long enough as she passed in and out, he would bow his head, unsure.

The suite was a long sprawl of rooms: an outer parlor for receiving, a wide, private lounge for the business of her days, and a bedroom that was peacefully dark at night and blessedly bright in the mornings. It seemed small when she first stepped into it, used to the expanse of her own rooms. After a week, it seemed over-large with just her rattling inside it. After a month, they seemed perfectly proportioned, as she could count the hours she had spent outside them.

And she waited.

While the days turned over, one to the next, she forced herself to sleep in long hours if she couldn’t keep them restful. Waking, she dressed in fresh clothing, brushed her hair and braided it as if she expected extended hours of company. If she braided it too tightly at first, looked too small and uneasy, she learned to let the knots loosen just enough to hold in their elegance.

She read the books in the lounge, sitting upright as if she were still in her lessons with her tutors across from her, and paid just as much attention to the meaning in the words. She convinced the maids to sit a while when they came in to stoke the fires or change the bed. She spoke with them, smiling and easy, and she listened carefully, calmly. She invited others to eat with her when they brought up trays from the kitchen. When they grew comfortable enough, they brought extra plates, both for themselves and for her, bringing in the things they knew she liked.

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Flash Fiction: Requisitions (571 words)

Vardan heard Kadelyn catching up to him in the hall, and didn’t even have to turn to know it was her. He could hear her long skirts, whispering along the floor stones. She had a way of moving that always made it settle into that polite hum rather than hissing as the cloth met the floor. When she hurried, her stride lengthened just enough to match her bodyguard’s. Each tap of her heel carried the echo of his heavy boots. Each swish of her soft silks mixed with the ching of his chain mail.

Vardan slowed, and bent into a shallow bow as soon as she came alongside him. “Milady,” he said.

She looked pleased at how quickly he’d recognized her. She dipped an inch into a curtsey mid-step and continued on with him. Her bodyguard, Noach fell back a foot or so, allowing them to pretend to some privacy.

“I heard you convinced my father to give Brance a ship,” Kadelyn said.

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