December – February

Rounds 104-113 of the Legal Theft Project, completed by an entire gang of thieves.

Round 104:

Taryn hesitated on the balls of his feet, wondering how there could be so much hazard in the cut of a smile.
Bek’s For the Princess
C.C’s Just Off Enough
M.D.’s A Case Against Him
Gwen’s Easy as a Whisper

Round 105:

The problem with having scarily brilliant friends was that it made surprises… complicated.
Bek’s Surprise Abandon
C.C.’s True Friends
Gwen’s One Grace
M.D.’s A Dull Season
Kid’s Surprise

Round 106:

She shut the computer with a furious snap.
Bek’s Problematic Parent Issues
C.C.’s Show Problems
Gwen’s Wrong
M.D.’s Small Gifts

Round 107:

It was strange to actually see her in the flesh.
C.C.’s Forms of Flesh
Gwen’s Glass Under the Hammer
M.D.’s First Appearance
Bek’s Future Wife

Round 108:

She couldn’t leave the river, and she was malevolent.
Bek’s Freedom
C.C.’s Bored Spirit
Gwen’s Guardian
Kate’s Caging Waves
M.D.’s It Lurks
Kathryn’s Her Price

Round 109:

There simply were no words.
Bek’s Breaking Point
C.C.’s Chair Flinging
Gwen’s Prettier Treasure Boxes
Kid’s Never Forgiven
M.D.’s Two Thousand Crowns
Kate’s Vengeance

Round 110:

Ryan and I had a pretty good childhood, all things considered.
C.C.’s Life Stages
Gwen’s Considered
Kate’s Thinking Outloud
M.D.’s Bike Rides
Bek’s Childhood

Round 111:

The mud squelched under her combat boots as she bent to flip over the corpse.
Bek’s After the Battle
C.C.’s Recruited
Gwen’s Run from Corpses
M.D.’s A Trek and a Terragator
Kid’s Following Orders

Round 112:

Outside the open apartment gate, a small pack of children threw rocks at passing cars.
Bek’s June Day
C.C.’s Fuchsia
Gwen’s Noisy
Kathryn’s Apocalypse
M.D.’s Something to Do

Round 113:

Osanna watched the white-hot piece of steel skitter off the anvil and reached to catch it without thinking.
Bek’s Field Trip
C.C.’s Reminders
Kate’s Tabards and Talents
M.D.’s The Thief
Gwen’s Familiar Heat