February – April

Rounds 114-123 of the Legal Theft Project, completed by an entire gang of thieves.

Round 114:

Every woman in Evanston over the age of twelve owned a red dress.
Bek’s Firelight Woes
C.C.’s Stains
Gwen’s Crimson
M.D.’s But Mostly, They Danced
Kathryn’s For the Worst Days

Round 115:

“Are those tentacles?”
Bek’s Art Gallery
C.C.’s Revenge
Gwen’s Sideshow
M.D.’s City of Splendor
Kate’s An Octopus at Tea

Round 116:

She was barely in the clearing before she started to cry and yell at him.
C.C.’s Reasonable Doubt
Gwen’s New Business
M.D.’s A Fix, A Duel
Bek’s Run

Round 117:

“You know hiding in plain sight is actually a dumb idea right?”
Bek’s On the Run
C.C.’s Distraction 101
Gwen’s Slanted
M.D.’s Keep Your Nose Down
Kid’s Rooftop Conversations

Round 118:

The carnival rolled into the fields at dusk, its spirited music carried into town by the wind.
Bek’s Bonding
C.C.’s Sweets
Gwen’s Fortune Teller
M.D.’s Things to See

Round 119:

Thieves stole: Two dogs
Bek’s Home to Family
C.C.’s Dear Diary
M.D.’s The Iron Hounds
Gwen’s Knots

Round 120:

Thieves stole: a creation myth
C.C.’s Reaper
Bek’s Legends
Gwen’s Honey Wine and Sweet Iron
Kate’s Khaalida the Necromancer
M.D.’s It Started with a Wish
Kathryn’s The Creation of the Vatrin

Round 121:

Thieves stole: the general store of a town on the edge of nowhere
Bek’s Thursday Night Shopping
C.C.’s How to Get Left In the Desert
Gwen’s Edge of the World
Kid’s Final Destination
M.D.’s Personal Collection
Kate’s Coming Soon

Round 122:

Thieves stole the line: There is a fine line between ‘If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be’ and ‘God helps those who help themselves.’
C.C.’s Coming Soon
Gwen’s The Noise in Waiting
Kate’s Fall Apples
Kathryn’s Coming Soon
Kid’s Coming Soon
M.D.’s Coming Soon
Bek’s Plan of Action

Round 123: Coming April 23, 2016