April – August

Rounds 11-20 of the Legal Theft Project, completed by an entire gang of thieves.

Round 11:

After a day this terrible, there was only one place she wanted to be, and she was headed straight for him.
Kate’s Perspective    /    Kels’ Cheering Up

As he exited the inner planet transport, Edan noticed the Academy Director and his right shoulder jerked awkwardly as he caught himself halfway through the automatic salute.
Kathryn’s Accusation    /    Kid’s Six Year Sentence

He’d take a vow of silence and murder ten kings before he’d let them scuttle the Defiance.
Bek’s Down Before His Ship    /    Kate’s Second Chances

In Jenny’s experience, rooftop thieves were single-handedly responsible for the average citizens faith in good things falling out of a clear, blue sky.
Kels’ The Raven    /    Gwen’s Rooftop Angels

“It’s mocking me. I know it is.”
Kid’s Flip    /    Bek’s Papers

People vibrate at different frequencies, I’ve decided, but the frequencies shift.
Gwen’s White Noise    /    Kathryn’s Why You Didn’t Call Back

Round 12:

“Have you ever smelled air so sweet, First Mate Kate?”
Kate’s Sails, Tales, and Howler Monkeys    /    Kathryn’s Wind in Our Sails

He twisted his wrist expertly and the book snapped shut with a satisfyingly audible crack.
Bek’s Playing with Laws    /    Kid’s Classicist

It’s been said a girl can never have too many shoes, but Adrienne suspected her collection wasn’t what they had in mind.
Gwen’s Whites    /    Kels’ Shoes

“Samuel. Come on. Tell me what we’re doing.”
Kels’ Persuasion    /    Bek’s Date Night

The skull smashed to the ground like a Ming Dynasty funerary urn under a barbarian invader’s foot.
Kathryn’s The Shadows in the Darkness    /    Kate’s Student Orientation

“Why didn’t you bring me here before?”
Kid’s Windows and Doors    /    Gwen’s Ambush

Round 13:

An involuntary squeal leaps from her lips and she stumbles back, nearly slips, throws a hand out to steady herself against the wall.
Kels’ Bar Encounters    /    Kathryn’s Unwanted Visitor

Free time was as foreign a concept to Sadie as the jungle was to a zoo animal.
Kid’s Schedules    /    Kels’ Coffee Time

It is the dearest wish of my heart that this letter reach you in time.
Gwen’s Dulcet Tones    /    Kate’s Dear Eleanor

That light was not supposed to be on.
Kate’s Light and Knowledge    /    Kid’s Access

The house slouched between its neighbors, too old to lean out on its walls or keep its eaves straight.
Bek’s The New House    /    Gwen’s The Next Breath

These days it seems to be more hole than t-shirt.
Kathryn’s What’s in Your Closet?    /    Bek’s The Tourist T-Shirt

Round 14:

Cass’ muscles twitched their ingrained response as the muffled buzz of her phone shook her bag.
Kels’ Craigscaller    /    Kid’s Real Life

Her favorite mornings were the mornings that she was up before he was.
Gwen’s Stealing Into Morning    /    Bek’s Early Mornings

“I’ve been sailing with you for five years – you would think I’d expect active volcanoes.”
Kid’s A Pinch of Nonsense    /    Kate’s Temper, Treasure, and Tobbogans

Sliding into a cocky pose, she cracked the whip over with a smooth flick, “kneel before your goddess!”
Kathryn’s Stand Like A Woman (PG-13)    /    Kels’ Medieval Shakespeare

“So, this one time I was eating a salad.”
Bek’s A Big Favor    /    Kathryn’s From My World

The symbol was tattooed starkly against the back of her wrist, and it looked like it still hurt her.
Kate’s Warrior Marks    /    Gwen’s Leather and Skin

Round 15:

Catherine surveyed the room, little pink feathers, bits of duct tape and other hot pink detritus covering the room, Lady GaGa blaring from the speakers, “so you’re ready then?”
Kathryn’s College Visit    /    Kels’ Think Pink

If he turned the paper sideways, he could make out a school of tiny fish swimming out of some seaweed.
Kate’s Vantage Point    /    Gwen’s Rough Lessons

“Just get to London. Everything will fall into place if you get to London.”
Kels’ The Race    /    Bek’s Can’t Ignore

“My old eyes are tired. Read to me, Darryn. Start there.”
Kid’s An Old Man’s Legacy    /    Kathryn’s Two-Zero

She closed her left eyelid over the empty socket purely from muscle memory.
Bek’s When the Going Gets Tough    /    Kid’s Peace Meetings

When caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, Mack picked the sea.
Gwen’s Two Devils are Better Than One    /    Kate’s Curses

Round 16:

He jerked awake as the alarm blared throughout the room, and he had his nine millimeter leveled before his eyes were fully open.
Bek’s Fatherly Instincts    /    Kid’s Leading

The easiest way to explain their differences was to explain what they would do when they were left alone in an empty room.
Gwen’s Easier than Technical Description    /    Bek’s Subtle Differences

The girls spent the week mocking the Rarity Show advertisements, but come Saturday afternoon they lined up to see the six-legged cow with everyone else in town.
Kathryn’s A Rare Encounter    /    Gwen’s Only If You Let It

The windows of her car were the walls of her cage and she wanted to scrabble her nails against the glass until someone noticed her and picked her up out of that cage to take her to a new home.
Kate’s Girls in Toasters    /    Kathryn’s Escape

“Your hair is bursting with secrets, again.”
Kid’s A Game Before Dinner    /    Kate’s The Right Hair

Round 17: 

Aaron was not getting much sleep.
Kathryn’s Hours Till Dawn    /    Kate’s Countdown to Burnout

For Darryn, who had grown up in the enclosure of the mountains, standing on the edge of the ocean was dizzying in the worst way.
Kels’ Home Sweet Home    /    Kathryn’s Perspective

“Have you seen a dolphin driving a Ferrari?”
Kate’s Fishbowls    /    Kels’ Coming Soon

“So, you want to buy some dirt.”
Bek’s Selling Mud    /    Gwen’s Dirt Cheap Truths

Terrin tensed at the sound of cautious steps in the hallway beyond his cell.
Gwen’s In The Neighborhood    /    Kid’s Becoming Malek (PG13)

They fell in love quickly, insanely quickly.
Kid’s Love Story    /    Bek’s Counting the Days

Round 18:

And so begins the longest five days of my life.
Gwen’s Longest Days    /    Kels’ Torture

A pair of blue eyes peeked over the hillock and blinked at the scruffy, dark headed boy who nervously picked his way among the rocks.
Kate’s Birds of a Feather    /    Kid’s Exchanging Gifts

He handled frenzied leviathans and royal messengers with equal insouciance.
Kels’ Circumlocutional    /    Kate’s Wind at Your Back

Moran put down his quill, looking across the table at the bent head of the ash-blond boy.
Bek’s Sibling Rivalry    /    Kathryn’s Proposal

She only wore shoes when she couldn’t avoid them.
Kathryn’s She Will Be Stronger    /    Bek’s In Her Lack of Shoes

The man grabbed Connell from behind, one rough hand bunched in his collar, and the other driving in hard at his hip.
Kid’s The Wind Cape    /    Gwen’s Slow, Steady, Brilliant

Round 19:

She nodded at her brother, stepped out of the circle, and did not look back.
Kathryn’s Bottled    /    Kate’s Blood and Raisins

The night was gentle and warm, the kind of night that you can feel on your skin and that feels soft.
Kate’s A Feline Nocturne    /    Kathryn’s Saints Have Hands

Round 20:

It was the three shots that had done this to her—the three shots and the two boys who had invited her to the bar with the idea of seeing her drunk.
Kid’s Bad Decisions    /    Kathryn’s Thief’s Bargain

The town may have changed, but it still felt like home.
Kathryn’s Still Home    /    Kate’s Unwelcome Party

The women had thrown him out.
Kate’s Unrepentant    /    Kid’s Coming Soon

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