December – April

Rounds 1-9 of the Legal Theft Project, completed with the assistance of my partner in crime, Bek. Round 10 launches with a bang, gathering a whole crowd of thieves.

Round 1: The First Round

The name of the game was staying calm and acting normal.
Bek’s Normal    /    Gwen’s Stay Calm

Robin made a habit of getting lost in every city she visited.
Bek’s Travels    /    Gwen’s Slow Reveal

Round 2: The Unexpectedly Cute Round

He swore quietly as the key got slightly jammed, and he had to rip it out of the lock and start again.
Bek’s Coming Home Late    /    Gwen’s The Master Key

Jordan smiled at Kylie through the small window beside her front door, decked out in painting supplies.
Bek’s A Quick Paint Job    /    Gwen’s Lines and Spatters

Round 3: The Round Gwen Allowed Herself a Semicolon

They knew, even before they got married that their life together was going to be rather atypical, and therefore rather stressful.
Bek’s Homecoming    /    Gwen’s Expectations

Laryngitis was not a pretty word; it did not belong in a romance novel.
Bek’s The No Voice Love Story    /    Gwen’s The Commonality of Literature and Pie

Round 4:

“I don’t know how you do that. I would get so sick, so quickly.”
Bek’s Pacing    /    Gwen’s Flying on a Prayer

When Eric was eight, he skinned his knee, jumping down from the tree in his backyard.
Bek’s Mother and Son    /    Gwen’s Warnings

Round 5:

“You’ve already mapped out our whole relationship, haven’t you?”
Bek’s Calling Him Out    /    Gwen’s Nothing On

“I have forty-two minutes.”
Bek’s The Daycare Report    /    Gwen’s Skip the Explanation

Round 6:

“She has Merlin Sickness,” Sally’s mother said with a level of seriousness that her father never really understood.
Bek’s Childish Magic    /    Gwen’s Infectious

It had been a year to the day since he last saw her, which was about a thousand days too long.
Bek’s Waiting at the Airport    /    Gwen’s Her Apologies

Round 7:

The worst thing about hanging out with his friends was that she tended to lose her own accent.
Bek’s American in London    /    Gwen’s Dizzy

“You have sixty seconds to explain how this isn’t the best plan I’ve ever had.”
Bek’s Late Night Trip to IHOP    /    Gwen’s Ten Cents a Tail

Round 8:

The truth of the matter was that he had absolutely never expected to see her again.
Bek’s Flying Home    /    Gwen’s Always Come Back

Ilene posted the following notice on every floor of her apartment building when her old college friends came to visit:
Bek’s Old Friends    /    Gwen’s General Warning

Round 9:

They sent him in to deal with her.
Bek’s Personal Cleaning Crew    /    Gwen’s Climbing Out the Window

“Remind me again: when do I push this button?”
Bek’s Always the Blue Button    /    Gwen’s Long Mission

Round 10:

As her palm slid over the leather, she realized she was going to love it here.
Bek’s Got to Love a Good Library    /    Kels’ Leather

Drunk didn’t look good on Connell.
Kathryn’s Drunkard    /    Gwen’s The Knife Fight

“It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it?”
Kate’s Where Waves Are Kind    /    Bek’s Misunderstood

Kas glowered with suspicion at the Ancient Tennis Shoes. They lay sprawled on their sides dirt smudged white soles over treads worn smooth and flat.
Gwen’s Lies We Tell    /    Kid’s The Hard Part

My grandfather lied to my grandmother, so I guess it runs in the family.
Kels’ Lies    /    Kate’s Stories We Tell

The monastery walls were high, and the city walls were higher.
Kid’s Hidden From the General Public    /    Kathryn’s By Faith the Walls of Jericho

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