September – December

Rounds 21-27 of the Legal Theft Project, completed by an entire gang of thieves.

Round 21:

Britney was still laying flat on her stomach, her feet hanging off the edge of her bed, when she heard the front door open and close again.
Kate’s Two Shades of Blue    /    Bek’s End of a Long Day

“How long has it been since we had a good bar fight?”
Kathryn’s For a Woman    /    Gwen’s The Bobbing Spoon Part I + Part II

I don’t like going to my grandparent’s church.
Gwen’s Basilica    /    Kathryn’s Abagail Amid the Mass

She was worn thin as rice paper.
Bek’s Just Keep Working    /    Kate’s Preserving Motion

Round 22:

Danneel looked down at the knife in her hands and the long, thin blade made her stomach twist.
Kathryn’s The Unforeseen Trial of A Woman In Man’s Armor    /    Gwen’s Run Away

Dawn broke over the horizon and set the enemy ships’ sails glowing like embers.
Gwen’s Incendiary Materials    /    Kate’s Alternative Methods

Four hours later, he had not returned — nor was he ever seen again.
Kate’s Fate of the Stars    /    Kels’ Coming Soon

“Supper’s ready, Father.”
Bek’s Daddy-Daughter Deals    /    Kathryn’s Rejection

“Why?” He rounded the corner with a quick hop step so that he was ahead of her again, walking backward to talk to her again.
Kels’ Coming Soon    /    Bek’s The Unfortunate Why

Round 23:

“Mommy!” I turned around just in time to be tackled around the leg by a four year old.
Gwen’s Starfish    /    Bek’s Flying Home

No one enters life alone.
Kate’s Warmth and Sorrow    /    Gwen’s Company

Rose opened her window to the first rain of autumn.
Bek’s A Day in the Rain    /    Kate’s Rain and Roses

Round 24:

For the first time in a long time, she didn’t want to get out of bed.
Kathryn’s Bedfellow (PG-13)    /    Bek’s Early Morning

It was a long climb to the crown, and Ryan was exhausted and irritable before they even reached the base of the staircase up to the altar.
Gwen’s An Impossible Climb    /    Kathryn’s The Rekindling of the First

Sleep was a strange concept.
Bek’s Bedtime    /    Gwen’s Waiting for Sunrise

Round 25:

“I think we may be lost.”
Gwen’s Like the Stories When We Were Young    /    Kate’s Secrets, Serpents, and Snickerdoodles

Lon’s attendants had a habit of stooping to talk to him.
Bek’s The Prince’s Uncle    /    Gwen’s Gut Punch

Marie asked a stupid question right from the start.
Kate’s Playing Stupid    /    Bek’s Making Things Right

Round 26:

He put an arm around her shoulder and pulled her over so that she rested against his side, her head on his shoulder.
Kathryn’s Passing of the Torch    /    Bek’s Non-Blood Siblings

Jeanne picked a double dozen of the first fall apples and tossed them into her basket.
Bek’s Apple Picking    /    Kate’s Welcome to Letheven

Warren eased the door open and poked his head between the jambs.
Gwen’s Habits    /    Kathryn’s Confession

“What are you doing?” she asked, seeing the chain and pendant in his hand.
Kate’s Facing the Storm    /    Gwen’s Her Answer

Round 27:

For the third time, he told himself this was not his problem.
Kathryn’s Misplaced    /    Kate’s Shame On Me

Kelb watched the balls of fuzz scamper around his feet with the bored, resigned posture of someone baby-sitting idiots.
Bek’s A New Family    /    Gwen’s Stubborn Little One

Most times he forgot that she was that much younger than him.
Gwen’s Here’s to Never Growing Up    /    Bek’s Family Inheritance

People talk about palpable tension, tension that you can cut with a knife.
Kate’s From the Diary of a Doomed Man    /    Kathryn’s Knifed

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