August – October

Rounds 85-94 of the Legal Theft Project, completed by an entire gang of thieves.

Round 85:

From a distance, no one would be able to tell that the towel tied over her skirt was not part of the dress.
Bek’s A Mom Solution
C.C.’s Not on My Watch
Gwen’s Sunrise Kiss
Kate’s Theater Traditions
M.D.’s No Happy Hour Tonight
Kathryn’s Unasked

Round 86:

She tried to remind herself to walk slowly, but she kept slipping into a happy skip.
C.C.’s Cracked
Gwen’s Forgotten Hour
Kid’s Finally, Finally, Finally Here
M.D.’s The Dance
Bek’s Breaking the Rules

Round 87:

The darkness spread from the palace like a living thing, and even the most careless of the fae paused to take note and hide.
Bek’s A Curse
C.C.’s H.A.N.C.
Gwen’s Careless
Kate’s Companions in the Violent Dark
M.D.’s Summer Bloom
Kid’s The Fae Pact

Round 88:

The four horsemen ride tonight.
C.C.’s The Monsters We Know
Gwen’s Feels Wrong
M.D.’s Apocalypse

Round 89:

Lea’s little sister had spent nine tenths of her life with her head tilted back, sedately keeping a watch on the stars.
Bek’s From the Skies
C.C.’s Through the Window
Kate’s Seas Full of Starcatchers
M.D.’s Vigil
Gwen’s Star Chart

Round 90:

She had only heard gunshots at a distance.
Bek’s Robbery
C.C.’s Reunion
Gwen’s Succeed
Kate’s Making a Name
M.D.’s Shots and Seconds
Kathryn’s An Education

Round 91:

Knocking on the door gave her the same sensation as hitting the ground after being thrown from a horse.
Bek’s Security
C.C.’s Sibling Rivalry
Gwen’s Cowards and Their Fools
M.D.’s Witches and Windows
Kate’s Breathe

Round 92:

No one had to tell her that everything was about to change.
C.C.’s Not the News She Wanted
Gwen’s Grow
Kate’s The Gentleman at Midnight
M.D.’s Canaries
Bek’s Changing Choices

Round 93:

They gleefully threw him, head first and screaming, into the heart of the volcano.
Bek’s Gaming Bets
C.C.’s Reports of Lemur Catta and Volcanoes
Gwen’s Volcano Gamble
Kate’s Evil People in Evil Places
M.D.’s Something Else
Kid’s Flying Lessons

Round 94:

“Uncuff me.”
Bek’s The Son of the Old Power
C.C.’s The Screaming Lemurs
Gwen’s Balance
Kate’s Weight of Chains
Kid’s Changing Your Mind
M.D.’s Awakener

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