December – February

Rounds 55-64 of the Legal Theft project, completed by the entire gang of thieves.

Round 55: Two Year Anniversary!

The breeze sank to the floor as soon as it came through the windows, rolling stubbornly across the length of the room.
Bek’s Heat Wave
Kate’s Things that Change & Things that Stay the Same
Kathryn’s Trial
Gwen’s Rattle and Hold

Round 56: The Round We Were All Vaguely Threatening

She waited until the cop passed the lightpost and rounded the corner to step up behind her and put a hand to her throat and a knife to her ribs.
Bek’s Important Sister
Kate’s Important Plans
Gwen’s We’ve Done This a Couple Times
Kid’s Unmeasured

Round 57: The Round Where We Partied

Sam and Robert watched attentively as Haley and Grant leaned together to talk over the party noise.
Kate’s Moose Code
Gwen’s The Year’s Wildest Party

Bek’s Classic Love

Round 58: The Round with Albert

It was impossible to keep Albert anywhere.
Bek’s Breaking Free
Kate’s The Greatest Escapee
Gwen’s Lock Trick
Kathryn’s What Tears Can’t Mend

Round 59: The Round in the Attic

Rell had mixed feelings about the attic.
Bek’s Up the Ladder
Gwen’s Bags Boxes and Crates
Kate’s Locks and Blooms

Round 60: The Knock-Knock Round

Kadie knocked on the door, but wasn’t sure her polite tapping would be heard over the conversation and motion inside.
Bek’s Dealing
Kate’s Join the Dance
Gwen’s Permanent

Round 61: The Round with Men Gossiping

As quietly as the two men were speaking, he still heard them, and he was sure they didn’t care.
Bek’s Sibling Eavesdropping
Kate’s Place Your Order
Gwen’s Early as a Bird

Round 62: The Round About Good Men

More than anything, Margaret wanted her son to be a good man.
Gwen’s Proud
Kate’s Capes and Pride
Bek’s A King’s Soul

Round 63: The Round About Impeccable Timing, My Lord

And there they were, right on time.
Bek’s Appointments Kept
C.C.’s Expectedly Unexpected
Gwen’s On Time
Kate’s Work Hard, Play Hard

Round 64: The Round About the Tell-Tale Bleeding Heart

“I can smell your bleeding heart from down the hall.”
Bek’s Opposite Sides of the House
Gwen’s A Word For That
Kate’s Some People Juggle Geese
Kathryn’s Last Night Before

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