March – May

Rounds 65-74 of the Legal Theft Project, completed by an entire gang of thieves.

Round 65:

When charging into dangerous situations you can either be fast and silent or fast and prepared.
Bek’s The Final Test
Gwen’s Foreknowledge
Kathryn’s My Dad Taught Me
M.D.’s Silence and Preparation
Kate’s Hindsight

Round 66:

He knew, all things considered, she didn’t need him.
Gwen’s Take Care of Her
Kate’s Go West – Part 1
M.D.’s Dependence
Bek’s Wants and Needs

Round 67:

Silas was rarely awake in time to see the sun come up, let alone up, dressed, and walking outside in the crisp last moments of darkness.
Bek’s Day One
Kate’s Swash
M.D.’s Women Like Her
Gwen’s Waking

Round 68:

On the hottest day of the year, the skirt of my red dress flutters against my thighs in the breeze manufactured by the fan.
Bek’s Heat
Gwen’s Take Advantage
Kate’s Burning Rubber
M.D.’s Drought
Kathryn’s Little Red Dress

Round 69:

He was a thing of time and stone, and quick wits simply confused him.
Bek’s A Royal Gathering
Gwen’s Suspicious Stone
M.D.’s Weaknesses
Kid’s Old Stone Troll

Round 70:

“You are the reason we have been banned from four countries.”
Bek’s Chased From Town
Gwen’s Stupid Isthmus of Erganadon
M.D.’s Until the Day I Die
Kate’s And Adventure Makes Three

Round 71:

Alex thought that it wasn’t really his fault.
Gwen’s Permanent
M.D.’s Grand Potential
Bek’s Blame

Round 72:

There were stories about her kind, stories old as islands and only slightly younger than the names of the stars.
Bek’s Blessings and Payment
M.D.’s Ripe
Gwen’s Small Wishes

Round 73:

Oranges meant vitamin C, and vitamin C meant a swifter recovery.
Bek’s Illness Recovery
Gwen’s Invention
Kate’s Bolstering Immunities
M.D.’s Bedside Manner
Kathryn’s When All Else Fails

Round 74:

Thunderheads battled their way past the mountains, rumbling with the promise of a drenching.
Bek’s Thunder Coming
Gwen’s Watch the Sky
M.D.’s Rolling In
Kate’s Where They’ll Forget Your Past

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