October – December

Rounds 95-103 of the Legal Theft Project, completed by an entire gang of thieves.

Round 95: 

Behind him, there was the slow, easing creak of a bowstring dragged back.
Bek’s Family Grace
C.C.’s Poltergeist Problems
Kate’s Covenant
Kid’s Rank
M.D.’s Farther Into the Forest
Gwen’s Crack and Drag

Round 96:

Marnie found me in a corner where I’d begun to collect attention.
Bek’s A Night In
C.C.’s Fluffy Friends
Gwen’s Homespun Old Clothes
Kate’s Layerd Lies
M.D.’s A Comfortable Evening

Round 97:

Midnight struck and her voices would not stop screaming.
Bek’s Superstitious Tradition
C.C.’s The Other Skin
Gwen’s Unruly Things
Kid’s Lullaby and Goodnight
M.D.’s Toward the West Road
Kate’s Soldiers

Round 98:

She watched the changing of the guard with amused disinterest.
C.C.’s Plans Gone Sideways
Gwen’s Hold the Watch
Bek’s Guarded

Round 99:

The last thread of humanity broke and he collapsed into the explosion of power.
Bek’s Loss and Understanding
C.C’s Bio Problems
Gwen’s Uncoupled
M.D.’s Ash and Water
Kid’s Leave Me Again

Round 100:

A firm hand drew the decanter away from him.
Bek’s Last Call
C.C.’s Sad Dog Musings
Gwen’s The Rules of Consumption
Kate’s Escape Clause
M.D.’s The Best Kind of Friend

Round 101:

As far as lunatic schemes went, this was the best he had ever conjured, and they both knew it.
Bek’s Running
C.C.’s Bird Business
M.D.’s Puzzles
Gwen’s Too Good to Drown

Round 102:

The ground was still frozen when the war began.
Bek’s Wars
C.C.’s Frozen Toes
Gwen’s Long Weeks
M.D.’s Waiting for Spring
Kathryn’s We Fought

Round 103:

I would have shut up, but he gave me the “If you do that one more time I’m gonna murder you” look and I adore dodging homicide.
Bek’s Revenge
C.C.’s Immortal Jerks
Gwen’s Just That Fast
M.D.’s Fat Cat
Kate’s Once More With Feeling

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