April – August

Rounds 38-47 of the Legal Theft project, completed by the entire gang of thieves.

Round 38:

Even after nearly a thousand years the earth still felt the same, like home.
Bek’s Homecoming    /    Kid’s Homecoming

In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have set it on fire.
Gwen’s Clang    /    Bek’s Fatherless

Revelry blossomed in his wake the way flowers bloomed in the steps of spring.
Kid’s An Average Afternoon    /    Kate’s Lord of Tortuga

There was no good reason to throw the hammer at the wall, but it suddenly occurred to Ennalie that she had never done it before.
Kate’s Because Reasons    /    Gwen’s Don’t Look at Me with That Tone

Round 39:

“It is utterly ridiculous that we are expected to get out of bed every day.”
Gwen’s Sunshine and Vultures    /    Bek’s Lazy Days

Jasen was not a runner.
Bek’s Running    /    Gwen’s Welcome to Our World

Round 40:

Airports are a strange place, a place of waiting, a place of change, a place of passing, a place of chance encounters.
Bek’s Traveling Woes    /    Kathryn’s We Flew Higher

He had a feeling that Belle didn’t even notice she was doing it.
Kate’s Savagery    /    Bek’s Observations

Whispers eddied around her as expected as high tide or a new moon.
Gwen’s Again    /    Kate’s Masquerade

“You look pleased as punch.”
Kathryn’s What Pleases Punch    /    Gwen’s Rules

Round 41: When Kathryn missed the memo about lines that started with I

I can lift a car.
Bek’s Girls Night In    /    Kate’s Dear Diary, You Won’t Believe This

In the dark, on the open ocean, the creak of a cabin door could be timed to fit under all the yawnings of the other timbers.
Kate’s By the Stars    /    Gwen’s The Ghost in the Corner

It was strange, but all Charlotte wanted to do was warn Michelle.
Kathryn’s Another’s Daughter    /    Bek’s Warning Signs

Sleep clung to his body like a caking of dirt from the grave.
Gwen’s Might    /    Kathryn’s Torn

Round 42:

His hair sort of glowed in the dark.
Bek’s Phone Calls    /    Gwen’s Caught

The clock chimed midnight and Lore stepped into familiar shadows.
Gwen’s Seething Minds    /    Kate’s Rescue

“Whatever it is you’re thinking of doing to try and help me, don’t.”
Kate’s Crushes and Con Artists    /    Bek’s Helping Hands

Round 43:

“It’s raining,” Katja said.
Kate’s Weathering the Storms    /    Gwen’s Runaway Bargain

There was something strange and magical about being in school after all the other students went home.
Gwen’s Curiosity Brought Her Back    /    Bek’s After School Magic

Waves churned under the heavy grey sky.
Bek’s Beaches and Beauty    /    Kate’s Siren

Round 44: The Round We All Ganged Up On Bek

The first thing that she ever said to him was “It’s a shame about your face.”
Gwen’s First and Last
Kate’s When You’re Blue
Kathryn’s To Fly
Old Prejudices

Round 45: The Round We All Ganged Up on Kathryn

He was sick, but it was a good sick, the kind after which he felt better, the kind with which he was all too familiar.
Bek’s Stress
Gwen’s Symptoms
Kate’s Just Checking
Kid’s Sorrow
Kathryn’s Vetted

Round 46: The Round We All Ganged Up on Gwen

It took three weeks to sail between the islands, though rough weather could turn it into a more interesting five.
Bek’s Paying Passage
Kate’s Three or Five
Kathryn’s Blindsided
Kid’s Red for the Blood
Gwen’s Herd

Round 47: The Round We All Ganged Up On Kate

Connal ignored the resentment simmering in the silence and enjoyed his drink.
Bek’s Small Town Stigma
Gwen’s No Need
Kathryn’s Worth Her Salt
Kid’s The Silent Bar
Kate’s The Living and the Dead

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