August – November

Rounds 48-54 of the Legal Theft project, completed by the entire gang of thieves.

Round 48: The Round We All Ganged Up On Kid

The door thudded with heavy security, but the boy on the other side of the bars still shivered as he faced me.
Bek’s Behind Bars
Gwen’s Through Walls
Kate’s Breaking Containment
Kathryn’s The Assignment
Kid’s Tonic and Poison

Round 49: The Round Some of Us Were Out of Town

Andy and I tended to be over looked when the three of us were presented as a team.
Kate’s Cats and Mice    /    Bek’s Team Dynamics

Kayla knew four absolute truths.
Bek’s Truth    /    Kate’s Ties That Bind

Round 50: The Round When We Were All on a Twenty-Four Hour Delay

Fate had a funny sense of honor when it came to telling futures.
Bek’s Future    /    Gwen’s The Face She Knows

He stood at the doorway for fifteen minutes before she even noticed he was there.
Kate’s Don’t Anger the Mechanic    /    Bek’s Birthdays

Voss watched Steph work for a moment before rapping on the door frame.
Gwen’s Always More Books     /    Kate’s Back to the Beginning Again

Round 51: The Last Round When We Duked It Out In Pairs

Five years spent between four block walls, hours and days lived with no activity, and it seemed, now, as if he should walk these familiar rooms like nothing had passed, as if he had been here yesterday.
Kate’s They Say Time Heals All Wounds    /    Gwen’s Some Lifetimes

He did not remember falling asleep on a rock.
Bek’s In the Woods    /    Kate’s Diana in the Darkness

“I need to talk to you.”
Gwen’s In Between    /    Bek’s Advice

Round 52: The Round Gwen Gave Them A Very Long Line

The hall was wide enough for two fat carriages with drunken drivers to dance past each other comfortably, but the crowd had still slowed to a sluggish crawl as they turned down it.
Bek’s In the Public Eye
Kate’s Salt, Citrus, and Certain Truths
Kathryn’s He Stopped the Crowd
Gwen’s Ocean and Wind

Round 53: The Round About Adam

Adam had turned coming home from work into a secret race.
Gwen’s Race You For It
Kate’s Strive
Kathryn’s Some Days
Kid’s Racing
Bek’s In House Race

Round 54: The Round With Many Pokey Objects

The sheath relinquished the sword with a soft click like a key turned in a lock.
Bek’s Get Out
Gwen’s Shutting Doors
Kid’s Click-Clack Snap
Kate’s Reveries and Revenants

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