December – April

Rounds 28-37 of the Legal Theft project, completed by the entire gang of thieves.

Round 28: One Year Anniversary!

If trouble grew legs, big blue eyes and thick blonde hair, it would be him.
Bek’s Family Legacy     /     Gwen’s Coiled

“So, how many people in here do you think are whispering about us?”
Gwen’s Strapping Sailor Boys    /    Bek’s Gossip

Round 29:

Aidan crept out the door and into the hallway.
Bek’s The New Baby    /    Kathryn’s Fresh Air

In the kingdom near the mountains, where the fair folk still cross freely between the realms, a prince and princess played among the autumn leaves.
Gwen’s Mother’s Sense of Humor    /    Kate’s Coming Soon

“I’m starting to think you have a problem. Well, not starting, but reiterating.”
Kate’s Patterns of Behavior    /    Bek’s A Non-Problem

The heavy door was off its hinges, shoved to the side with the top pin still in place and part of the wall hanging off it like a flag.
Kathryn’s Scorched Earth    /    Gwen’s Grave Robbers

Round 30:

Empty houses stood in a certain kind of silence.
Bek’s Not Home    /    Gwen’s Gambling and Theft

We were four very different siblings, so naturally we had four very different reactions when our parents died.
Gwen’s Together    /    Bek’s Leaving Home

Round 31:

“No!” she screamed, and the wine glass on the table shattered.
Kathryn’s Gifts and the Rack    /    Bek’s Moment of Anger

She wanted a strawberry daiquiri, the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, a room at The Fairmont, and three days at the spa.
Bek’s A Break    /    Kate’s Stacking the Deck

The man was wrapped in a blanket, hugging his own arms, curled over a steaming cup, and still shaking with cold.
Kate’s Relative Misery    /    Gwen’s No Warning Shot

You and I, we enjoy one another’s company, I don’t think there’s any denying that on either side, but when it comes to the big things in life, while I hope that we can have a rational discussion, I fear that there won’t be understanding without an alteration of the heart, and I know the ground I stand on, and I won’t move.
Gwen’s As Loud as We Laugh    /    Kathryn’s Because I Could Drown

Round 32:

He hadn’t been expecting anyone and with the roads all blocked by several inches of new-fallen snow so he didn’t know who could have come to the front door.
Bek’s First Snow    /    Kathryn’s Reawakened

If I asked you to meet me at the ruins of Bayham, would it be more than a lark?
Gwen’s Bedrock and Castle Walls    /    Kate’s A Letter Tucked Between Love Poems and Forgotten

“If you were going to marry Riley, you would have done it years ago.”
Kate’s Different Speeds    /    Bek’s Something to Think About

Turning away from the door, Kadelyn heard Noach shift as well, and realized he was watching her.
Kathryn’s Goodbye    /    Gwen’s Her Vice

Round 33:

Callista leaned out over the railing, her eyes on her namesake, the stars of the constellation known as the Big Dipper or the Mother Bear.
Gwen’s Certain Lies    /    Kathryn’s Man Overboard

Darek’s shop held its quiet place of honor, second from the corner, on the sweeping market street.
Kate’s Trades    /    Gwen’s Kindness

They were after Grace and that changed everything.
Kathryn’s They Were After Grace    /    Kate’s Faulty Plans

Round 34:

He stepped into the room quietly, and wavered by the doorway as if he wasn’t sure she had heard him.
Kate’s Growing Pains    /    Gwen’s Honestly Smiling

She felt an immediate kinship with the book.
Bek’s A New Book    /    Kate’s Hidden Pages

“So, exactly how much trouble am I in?”
Gwen’s Inches and Elephants    /    Bek’s After the Senior Prom

Round 35:

Invisibility was a neat trick.
Bek’s Secrets, Secrets    /    Gwen’s Tell Me No Secrets

She tended to just tune them out when they started speaking in different languages.
Gwen’s Miles Away    /    Bek’s Overachieving

Round 36:

If it was still in fashion to name blades, Briditte was pretty sure Hanna would have named her sword Lady Sparkle.
Kathryn’s Consider It a Present    /    Gwen’s Sharp Smile

There were worse places to be stuck.
Gwen’s Still Here    /    Kate’s Adapt

When Darryn had been discovered to be living in Evanston, the king had sought Derek out, and Derek had felt honored.
Bek’s The Search Begins    /    Kathryn’s Saddled

When he was nineteen, taking my sister and me out was my older brother’s worst punishment.
Kate’s Late Bloomer    /    Bek’s One Kind of Family or Another

Round 37:

Contentment is a trap.
Bek’s Welcome Back    /    Kate’s Rite of Passage

“I think he’s waiting for you.”
Kate’s Poor Unfortunate Souls    /    Gwen’s Still Breathing

“You know that she can and will beat you. Easily.”
Gwen’s The Trouble With Jerr    /    Bek’s Bad Ending (PG-13)

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