Construct – On Hiatus

Construct is a novel-length story posted 1000-1500 words at a time, as part of the Wednesday Serial series, here on Apprentice Never Master. It is currently on haitus as of: May 1, 2013

If you haven’t been reading from the beginning, here are some helpful links:

Part I – in which Lizzie, Ethan and Renee play a guessing game (which Renee would say isn’t about guessing)

Part II – in which Lizzie puts on Ethan’s t-shirt

Part III – in which Ethan ruins Renee’s day by arriving on time

Part IV – in which two men ask for Lizzie’s autograph

Part V – in which Ethan thanks Dr. P. Socrapp

Part VI – in which Lizzie smiles at Rucker, for the juvenile joy of it

Part VII – in which ants, ticks, and mosquitoes are more dangerous that jaguars

Part VIII – in which somebody listens to the psychiatry department when they talk about missing puzzle pieces

Part IX – in which Lizzie prefers her romantic gestures accompanied by a dozen roses

Part X – in which Rucker welcomes Lizzie to the club

Part XI – in which Ethan tells Lizzie she’s smart

Part XII – in which Lizzie plays some mind games

Part XIII – in which Lizzie can’t tell

Part XIV – in which the safest place for a precog is the kitchen

Part XV – in which someone screams

Part XVI – in which Lizzie silences a room

Part XVII – in which Eta knows something Lizzie doesn’t

Part XVIII – in which Lizzie reads Ethan’s palm

Part XIX – in which Lizzie learns Kelsey’s job description