Top Picks

Welcome to Apprentice Never Master. I’m glad you made it.

There are three types of things you’re likely to see here:

1) Ramble-y Thought-y Things

This occurs when Gwen is tired, or when she actually has something she wants to say. Either way, they will probably be about something that happened to her yesterday. She thinks about yesterday a lot because she thinks that yesterdays have some bearing on today, and she knows today has a lot of bearing on tomorrow.

2) Fiction

This occurs when Gwen wants to stretch her fingers and mind a little. These are just little snippets of story, to be read in a minute or two. She tries to keep them under 1000 words, but occasionally fails because she let her ideas run wild again. She has always had that problem. She usually writes novels.

(The Wednesday Serial is a result of that tendency. You can read that here.)

3) “Why I Love…” Entries

This occurs right after Gwen has a I-Just-Collided-With-Something-Lovely Moment. These moments are also sometimes called Geek-Out Moments or Fangirl Moments, depending on your vernacular. These entries attempt to explain why she liked something she just read, watched or heard. As the proud owner of an English degree, she was trained to make these kinds of analyses, but she has a lot more fun now that they are not for a grade.

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