Apprentice Never Master was created as a place to practice and create fiction. It’s a place for me to stretch my mind and my fingers a little. These are just little snippets of story, to be read in a minute or two. I try to keep them under 1000 words, but occasionally fail because I let my ideas run wild again. I’ve always had that problem. I usually write novels.

Greatest Hits

Her Apologies
It had been a year to the day since he last saw her, which was about a thousand days too long. Yet the exactness of the time seemed to bode well for Galen. He couldn’t help but grin…

Kadelyn had a smile that spoke more firmly than a shout: You don’t know me and you never will. And it was the politest expression Noach had ever seen…

Picking Up Slack
They needed the extra hand, or else Declan wouldn’t have hired her. It was a long escort – three weeks – too long to scrape short sleep shifts and the cargo was too valuable to spend an hour without eyes on it. Leaving a weak moment was asking for someone on a guard team to get killed. Then again, so was hiring someone who couldn’t pull their worth…

Travel Costs
Kadelyn knocked on the door three times before she determined that Brance wasn’t going to answer. She hadn’t expected him to come to the door, so it was easy to wait, easy to follow the quiet polite rules in the quiet stone hall. Then she slipped the key out of her pocket and unlocked his door…

Hiding Places
The church was built in three aisles. The wide center stripe was splashed with sunlight from high windows with benches tucked around the edges. People sat or stood, talking quietly in the calm. A row of stone arches marked out aisles on either side, shadowed and cool. The walls were washed white so the lines of black ink were stark even in the dim light, spelling out the names of the dead…

The Shadow-Walkers come at night. We leave the torches burning at our front doors, all night long, We leave fires in our hearths, bright enough to touch every corner, and sleep close to it. The Nightmen patrol, check on the torches on every outside wall, and our little ricket town sleeps in a ring of ruddy light until the sun comes back over the horizon to keep guard itself…

Gray Lines
Vardan shut his eyes when he heard the key in the lock. After years in the dark, he’d earned the kind of vision that turned the shifting black of a windowless room into clear shades of gray, and he wasn’t willing to give it up for a few moments of the torchlight in the hall…

Nature of a Promise
Dainna was packing, folding her clothes like it was just laundry day, just another chore to be done. Her bag sat on her bed, opened lazily. But the table beside her bed was clear, all her little precious things that usually went reverently untouched stowed away already. Her walls her bare. Her bed was made with all the blankets and pillows usually stowed in the back of her closet. Ren stopped in her doorway, pushed back by the uncomfortable feeling that she’s already abandoned the room…

This was not an alley. Alleys were designed to be walked, to draw shortcuts between streets. This was a gap between buildings, corners stacked with garbage the wind dragged inside. This was where you laid things better forgotten…

Her Math Problem
Seven months and Jig was back, sitting on Alasdair’s back porch like she had never left. She was a little taller now – her toes brushed the dirt beneath the porch as she swung her feet – but her face was just as round, her dark hair still braided to one side, like she couldn’t figure out how to make it run straight down her back…

All other pieces of fiction can be read here.

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