Ramble-y Thought-y Things

Apprentice Never Master was created as a fiction blog, but other things appear from time to time, in the form of Ramble-y Thought-y Things. Usually, it’s a sign that I had a funny idea, or that I’m having a long day.

Greatest Hits

“This is Your Life. The whole thing. Birth to Death.” – My response to a Daily Prompt about reading ahead.

RRA: Repeat Replayers Anonymous – For all those who listen to one song on repeat too much.

Some Days – Sometimes writing is easy and sometimes writing is difficult.

A Thank You to My Three Hundred – The most heart-felt thank you note I have written.

An Open Letter from the Woman I Want to be to the Woman I Am – Calloused skins are better than calloused hearts.

And What Are You Going to Do with THAT? – What all English majors and artists want to say.

Directions to my Favorite Place on Earth – A simple set of instructions

The Frustrated Penguin – Exhibit A prohibiting me from inventing Yoga positions

Excuses II – Ten reasons why I didn’t write a real blog post

To Gwen at Ten – I’ve grown up a little, even if I still have farther to go.

All other Ramble-y Thought-y Things can be read here.

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