Why I Love…

Apprentice Never Master was created as a fiction blog, but some analysis is good for the writer’s soul. “Why I Love…” posts were created to give me a space to consider what captures me about the characters, stories, and scenes that stick with me.

Greatest Hits

Why I Fell In Love with Him – BBC Sherlock’s Sherlock Holmes

Grieving with a Crowbar – CW Supernatural’s Dean Winchester

Wishes – CW Supernatural’s What Is And What Should Never Be

Adequate – The Bourne Legacy’s Aaron Cross

Why I Love Her – Marvel Avenger’s Black Widow

Why I Love Those Two Words – “I Surrender” from Ben Affleck’s The Town

Young, Sweet, Naive – HBO Game of Thrones’ Sansa Stark

Echoes and Shadows – BBC Merlin’s The Dark Tower

For What He Wants – BBC Spooks’ Lucas North

How to Ask Your Best Friend for Forgiveness – Vampires

All other “Why I Love…” Entries can be read here.

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