Traditional Searches

Gwendoogle is perhaps the world’s slowest search engine, and it’s grown a sassy and sarcastic tone to defend itself.

New search results are posted every Sunday. Questions are accepted through the comments sections on any Gwendoogle post, or tweets with #Gwendoogle.

Greatest Hits:

The Inaugural Post – Genghis Khan’s cover is blown, and I join Team Penguin

What is Illyria? – An argument for two calendars, and the mistakes I would most likely make as your evil overlord

Dogs Beat Cats – The significance of the coo-coo clock, and He-Who-Bribes-God

Have You Ever Had Sushi? – I don’t know how to pronounce my own name, and Richard Armitage is behind every door

SSSSSS – My real name, the name of the Rebel Legion, and the name of the Secret Organization

One Year Anniversary – We celebrate with a dance party and a series of GIFs

Language, Mathematics, and an Expensive Pet – I fail to find an answer to one thing, and answer another in Latin

What Do You Keep in Your Purse? – There’s something unpronounceable in here

Lists (Some Numbered, Some Not) – History expertise and writing prompts

Alex, Alexandra, and Alepex – The first story I ever wrote and music I mostly don’t listen to

All other Gwendoogle searches can be read here.

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